• 8 Personalized Diva or Spa Party invitations (given in advance for invitees)
  • Party hostess 1 1/2 hour (to do it all so you can relax & enjoy. Parties more then eight require an additonal hostess at $35)
  • Diva Dress up trunk to include dresses, shoes, boas, bling - bling clothes, Diva jewelry, gloves, scarves, belts and hats or Spa trunk with Robes, head wraps, spa shoes etc...
  • Diva fashion curtain & runway for fashion show and photo opportunities or Spa Leisure floor pillows
  • Photographer (hostess)to take digital photos of the fashion show or spa makeovers to be printed onsite (each Diva or Spa Girl receives a 4x6 photo and the Birthday Diva or Spa Girl also receives a group photo for her memory album)
  • Complete china table settings for 8 to include cups, saucers, cake plates, forks, cloth napkins, tea pot, cake serving plate and 3 tier rack for food items
  • Complete Diva or Spa table decorations ( Diva includes: table cloth, Lipstick centerpiece, Diva memo centerpiece, Diva mirrors, flowers, lots of bling-bling, beads as seen in photos) (Spa includes: spa table cloth. makeover spa baskets, Spa Centerpiece, mirrors, etc..)
  • Tea Party - Diva  Birthday Cupcakes & Beverage included (Purple Passion lemonade, choc milk, selection of hot or cold teas). Finger Sandwiches, fruit & cheese and of course Chocolate can be added for additional fee! (All Divas love CHOCOLATE) Spa Package is All Chocolate indulgence foods,  fruit and cheeses along with sparkling cider, lemonade or teas
  • Party Favors- Diva & Spa includes 4x6 digital Photo to keep for each Diva or Spa Girl and a Diva or Spa Girl goodie bag
  • Cd Diva or Spa music to be used throughout the party and ceremony (Karaoke Machine & cd's available for extra rental cost of $50)
  • Diva or Spa make over Kit- with glitter makeup or age appropriate style
  • Spa includes: Hands and feet painted along with a facial
  • Dance maker - double dance electronic mat - for dance competition game
  • Additional guest $12 each
  Full Service Total Cost Only:  $275
  Parties more then eight require an additonal hostess at $35
  Party to Go- Do it yourself rental  $160
  (Includes everything except food, hostess, photographer &  photos)

      210-385-4721 or email davisdavisb@aol.com.

Diva Parties & Spa Parties
Diva Parties & Spa Parties
210-385-4721 or email davisdavisb@aol.com.